New Year.....New Opportunities
January 6, 2015, 2:00 PM

January 6th, 2015

I have survived my first holiday season at the Sublette United Methodist Church.  I want to personally thank everyone for helping make the Holidays a blessing in the life of our church.  There were a number of events and ministry projects providing outreach to well over 700 individuals.  God is certainly in control and leading the Sublette United Methodist Church.

The United Methodist Women started us with a successful Holiday Turkey Dinner and Bazaar on November 5th.  This event was enjoyed by nearly 500 people from our surrounding community.  More importantly, It provided fellowship and the necessary recourses to continue many mission projects the group supports throughout the year.  

Advent was launched with the annual greening of the church and a newly updated Bulletin Board which has expanded during the Christmas Season.  Each week of Advent provided opportunity for families to more fully participate in services with the lighting of candles, reading liturgy, and sharing talents, (gifts of the Holy Spirit).  I want to thank all of our musical talents for being energetic, flexible, and creative. 

One of the highlights of the Christmas Season was re-introducing the Community Candle Light Christmas Eve Service, held at 11 p.m.  80 people came together to usher in Christmas with The Nine Lessons and Carols and our choir leading us a cappella.  A musical Communion followed with the Great Thanksgiving delivered through familiar Christmas Carols.  Service ended with candle lighting and everyone singing Silent Night.  A time of fellowship and treats completed the evening.

It is simply amazing to watch growth and life come into our church.  I get to see the smiles returning to faces which were long and tired only six months ago.  I share your excitement as you interact with each other and reflect on successful ministry and outreach projects.  But mostly, I am emotionally touched by watching as real and personal relationships with Jesus Christ are being confirmed.

In 2015, it is critical we continue to seek and provide opportunity to develop our own spiritual journey while also bring others along with us.  More and more, we must look outside our physical walls, live by the example Christ provided, and persistently share the “Good News of Christ” with others.  This starts with personal discipline, being in pray and devotion daily, and striving, the best we can, to live the life of a disciple.

The New Year will bring new opportunity in the life of our church, in the life of our membership, and in the life of our community.  I encourage each of you to become, or continue to be, an active and vital part of everything God has in store for us.  Your reverence and knowledge to tradition combined with your wisdom and flexibility to explore new things will be the means of creating a successful future for Sublette United Methodist Church.  I am humbled God has put my family here to be part of it with you.

May God’s peace and blessings be with each of you in 2015.

Pastor, Eddie